On a cold and rainy day, J Hartman & Patrick waited outside Feedmore which offers comprehensive food programs in central Virginia.  They brought trucks and were ready to load up food for the food bank run by their church.




Active in his community he answered a simple call.  “They needed a driver 3 years ago” he says as he recalls how he first got involved.  Since then they have offered their time, vehicles, and energies for this service to the community through their church Tabernacle Baptist in the fan area of Richmond.

Jay’s story is an interesting one, beginning in the world of construction. He found his desire to help people compelling him towards service in the church.  A graduate of seminary, a church planter and a full time minister Jay recalls feeling more effective in construction than in church ministry.

He now owns a company that does carpentry work.  He is dedicated to his customers and his employees.  Jay talks about the most important part of his business being the interactions he has with his customers and employees.  He says “its not about the bottom dollar, its about building a team.”  He looks holistically at every person be it his customer or his employee.

He began by employing Burmese refugees and other vulnerable people in the Richmond area. Valuing hard work, a good job, and most importantly the wellbeing of his employees and customers, Jay is an example of leadership in the business and services sectors.





He is passionate about market place ministry moving ministry outside of the confines of church walls, equipping people with life skills, and leading people in a holistic and caring way.

“Jobs are important, but people are more important!” — Jay Hartman’s life philosophy


Carpenter Jay Hartman’s Unique Perspective On Why We Work

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