WE HAVE 2 NEW Crew Members!!!

Meet Eugene…


Eugene Habimana — The Family Man.  He is a proud father of 3 beautiful young ladies.  He and his wife adore their children and desire to care for their family in every way they can.  Eugene is 34 and has arrived here in the States as a refugee from Burundi.  He traveled through the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania having lived in a refugee camp for many years before his final journey to the U.S.  He is a hard worker and diligent!

Meet Kler…


Kler Htoo — Is the friend that keeps a smile on your face! Kler is adventurous, loves all sports, music, and enjoys meeting new people. He loves his family, most of whom live in Hampton, VA.   He travels back to see his parents and siblings regularly and enjoys time with them.  The fifth of eight children, he has traveled a long way having lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for 10 years. He is excited about life, living free from worry, and being able to do the things he loves.  He enjoys painting and hopes to complete his college education in the near future.

New Crew Members Join Global Painting

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